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Exclusive interview with Kenny Visual


On tuesday being 30th May 2017, Dfellas blog had an exclusive interview with Kenny visuals, this was aimed at providing an Intel on his current deal with Dfellas records and how he feels about it. Let’s hear from the horse’s mouth below >>>>14045672_1799057663663900_8614642780485135315_n

D Blog          Good day Kenny

Kenny          What’s up ma man

D Blog         Good, just the sun, you know how the job is

Kenny         (Scoffs) yeah mehn, it’s same here, running around                         with cameras, ife di mma

D Blog         yeah,…..please Kenny i’ll love to ask you some few                            questions if you don’t mind, won’t take much of your                        time though

Kenny        feel free brother

D Blog        thanks,….. there’s been a lot of talks lately about you                        joining Dfellas Clan or record?

Kenny        yeah clan, it’s a record lebel per say but it feels more                       like a family so it’s actually a clan and a business                               centre that where the lebel thing comes in

D Blog        alright, so you are joining them?

Kenny        (smiles) joining?…. well, we’ve always been together                       ever since we all met, we’re just tryna make it official                     now

D Blog        so this idea of making it official came from Dfellas or                        Destiny’s live talk show entertainment?

Kenny        well we’ve been doing business together and                                      everything has been going on just fine, neither of us                        made the call though, it’s just people we’re working                        with

D Blog       people like who and why?

Kenny        people like errm…. lemme just call em costumers of                          ours, like show promoters, artists and the rest

D Blog      they want you guys under the same umbrella?

Kenny       sort of

D Blog       you know a lot of people think it’s because of your                             close friendship with Otis considering the fact that                          they don’t let people in so easily

Kenny       far from it, my friendship with Otis has nothing to do                      with this affiliation, am glad am gonna be working                          alongside my guy but Dfellas are the one who wanted                    me in not Otis, he’s just there to perform his executive                    duties that’s all

D Blog      alright…. i see you got your cameras here with you,                          looks like you are going for a shot?

Kenny      yeah, my cameras my life, always on duty, man no be                      lie!

D Blog      okay, thanks for your time, have a great day

Kenny      ife di mma my brother! peace.




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  1. Onuegbu says:

    9c one Kenny! Camera wizard!


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